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Bristol drag racers

Conrad Stanley

  Conrad's current ride is a 2000 Pontiac Firebird, imported from Texas by Conrad and Trevor Graves in 2006, when they set up the Panther Racing team (a subsidiary of The Bristol Doorslammers) with Conrad as driver.

This car had been racing Super Gas in America and had been successful in bringing home the trophies at both Divisional and National levels. The car runs a 547 cubic inch motor, which produces around 900 horsepower. Conrad is now racing the car in Super Gas in the UK championships.

Without the throttle stop restricting the car to the Super Gas 9.90 second index , the car is capable of running the quarter mile in 8.3 seconds at 163 mph.

To find out more about Conrad and the Firebird please visit their team web site at
    Conrad has been racing since the late eighties, when he bought Mike Bull's couped Pop and took it racing in the Street class. From then on he was hooked - he sold that car and bought one of Neil Grant's drag racing Pops, (formerly the "Crazy Horse" Pop before Neil had it painted black), which he raced in Mod ET for a few years.
Conrad runs the ex-Mike Bull Couped Pop at Avon Park.
Next, Conrad had a fully tube-framed Pop built by Boot Soop Racing (now ZaNNetec Motorsports). This car had a 427ci motor in it, and ran in the Super Gas and Outlaw Anglia classes. In 1998 Conrad won the Super Gas Challenge race at the Hockenheim race circuit with this car, bringing the gold home for the Brits. The Pop ran a best of 9.4 at 147mph in the quarter mile.
Conrad burns out in the ZaNNetec (Bootsoop) built pop at Hockenheim Grand Prix Circuit.  
Due to work commitments the Pop was sold in 2000. After a couple of different owners, it now resides with Justin K, back in Bristol where it belongs. Conrad, not able to stay away for too long, came back in 2001 with a Chevy Vega, bought from Ray Barrow, who had run the car in Pro ET for a few years. The Vega ran a Small Block Chevy in the Super Gas class. Conrad won the Super Gas National Championships in 2004, then sold the Vega to look for a state of the art Super Gasser, eventually finding the current Firebird car.

Trevor Graves

Trevor Graves has had many cars, from his street Mk3 Cortina in the early eighties to the Super Gas 2000 Firebird that he now co-owns with Conrad Stanley. His first involvement with modified cars was with his brother Ian Graves, who was also part of the Bristol Renegades. Trevor soon got involved, and was one of the first of the Bristol mob to start racing on the quarter mile.

Trevor's first car was a Mk3 Cortina which ran the 1/4 mile in 19.3 seconds at 79mph, but from there he had a series of cars, getting faster and faster as the years went on. In those years he even built a Rover powered Mk1 Escort with his brother Ian, to run in the Rover Challenge - running a best of a 14 second pass.

Trevor then decided he would get serious, and had a purpose built Super Gas Mk4 Escort constructed by Tim Hines. Unfortunately this car had a major crash at the top end of the race track - Trevor did suffer some injuries, and was out of action for a while.
Mk4 XR3I at Santa Pod.
After a good recovery and a couple of years of crewing and helping to run Avon Park, Trevor decided he wanted to race again, so he brought in a Sierra race car from Europe, to compete in Super Gas. Again this car ran a Big Block Ford, and was one of the first Super Gas cars in England to have a throttle stop device on it.
Trevor at Avon Park in 1994.
Trevor took this car to Hockenheim in 1995, where he reached the semi finals. This car ran a best of 9.2 seconds at 162mph. Again this car was to have a tragic end, when in 1996 a bit of water got under the slicks at half track at Avon Park, and the car hit barrier - this time only the car was hurt, and Trevor got out without a scratch.
1996: Trevor at York Raceway in the freshly painted Sierra.
After some more time out and crewing for various teams, Trevor got itchy fingers to race again, and bought the Honda Prelude which was built by Geoff Owen and raced for a short time by him, before being parked up for a number of years.

After running this car for a couple of years in Super Street and Super Gas, he decided to sell the car and go into partnership with Conrad Stanley, and concentrate on crewing on his own team. Trevor is now co-owner of The Panther Racing Team and the 2000 Firebird that he and Conrad imported from the States.

You can find out more details on their web site

Anna Stanley

Anna started racing in Junior Dragster when she was eight years old, and soon became a respected racer amongst her competitors. This should have been no surprise, as she very much takes after her dad, Conrad.

With her racing career starting early, will we see Anna in a Super Comp dragster by the time she is 16 years old? Or maybe even going Pro Stock racing in the future? Let's hope so!
Anna's Junior Modified Dragster
Anna's Dragster has a Chrome Moly chassis with a carbon fibre body, and has a billet aluminium engine which runs on Methanol. Her fastest ET so far is 8.4 seconds at 73mph in the eighth-mile. Most normal production cars would have a job in keeping up with this young lady!

For current and future information on Anna and Conrad please visit
Words and pics: Chris Kenny
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