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Bristol drag racers

Zane Llewellyn

Zane has had many different race cars, mainly Mk1 Cortinas called Boot Soop. He was one of the first Bristol Renegades to become a racer, with his yellow chopped Mk1 Cortina, Boot Soop 1. This car was on the street with a V6 power plant, and ran 14's at 96 miles per hour in the quarter mile.

He then built a full race car, another Mk1 Cortina, still under the Boot Soop banner, and hasn't stopped building since. There were in total four Super Gas Boot Soop Cortinas, with the last one running 9.63 seconds in the quarter - unfortunately the car was involved in a top end crash at York Raceway, after only 36 passes.

He now has a dragster, powered by the 460ci big block Ford engine out of the Cortina, and has run 8.57 seconds at 152 mph.
Zane's ZaNNetec-built Super Comp Dragster
Zane is one of the most influential Bristol racers, as he not only builds his cars, but has worked on, or built, many of the race cars and hot rods in Bristol. He is also involved with the Tech Committee for race cars, and is always handy at the race track to help if there is a problem.

He now builds and works on race cars and hot rods, with his own business ZaNNetec Motorsport. For more info on ZaNNetec please visit
Chris Hill found this old pic of one of Zane's early builds, here awaiting paint. The 100e was one of the first fully tube-chassised cars out of Zane's workshop, and was campaigned by John Grant.
Zane’s Boot Soop 4 Mk1  Cortina in 1996 at Avon Park

Bob Lees

Bob Lees first raced motor bikes on the Enduro Circuit, and has even raced the 2K in France, but after an accident involving Bob breaking his wrist, he found that racing the bike was getting harder, the wrist aching more after every race.

Bob's friend Rich Llewellyn - known throughout the UK hot rod scene - got Bob into hot rods and American cars, and Bob then went on to purchase a yellow 1973 Grande Mustang for street use.

Bob soon got tired of just driving the Mustang on the street and although he was still racing his motor bikes (and still continues to do so), his competitive side got the better of him - Neil Grant and Rich Llewellyn took him to a RWYB event, and from then on Bob was hooked.
Bob Lees' Super Street 73' Mustang Grande
Bob started racing in the Street Class, and built the 73 Grande Mustang up from there. Bob was the UK Champion in the Street Class in his rookie year 1992, and again in 1993. He has also won the UK Championship in Super ET Class, and more recently was the Super Street UK Champion in 2006, all with the same 1973 Mustang.

Whether it's the mods to the 460cu in engine, or work on the chassis, Bob has done most of the work himself - not only because he enjoys it, but so that he can still afford to take part in all his different types of racing, without slipping on performance.

Bob Has run 10.4 at 133mph with the Big Block Ford - this is another Bristol car that has a throttle stop, without which the Mustang would be capable of running a high nine-second pass.
Words and pics: Chris Kenny
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