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Bob Wellstead's cars

Bob Wellstead's cars As with a lot of rodders Bobs early days were spent modifying VWs. Mind you then Bob did live with his parents in Bournemouth. His first, a had wide steel wheels and a modified exhaust being the noticeable modifications.
1970 Beetle



Next, and the winner of the first trophies for Bob, was a Type 2 VW van. This had metallic paint, murals, Cragar wheels, a few subtle body mods and not often seen then, nerf bars in place of the bumpers.

Type 2 VW van

Bob's first trophies

Moulin Rouge
The next car, built mainly on his parents' drive, was the iconic Moulin Rouge. This was bought from Jeff Jago as an unfinished project with a 283 Impala power plant, Jago drop tube and Westminster rear. The 1935 Hillman was turned from a four door into a two door sedan, and heavily sectioned over a modified chassis. With paint by Bob's best mate Chris Boyle, the finished rod was an instant show winner at the 1977 Custom Car Show at Olympia.

Work begins

Finished car in original paint scheme.

At only 4 foot 6 inches tall it seemed dwarfed by other vehicles, but that didn't stop it from seeing lots of road action. In Bob's ownership the car started off painted Crimson Starmist with the wings in Brazilian metallic over red and blue flip flop; later it was painted metallic Pampas green with Ivory wings.

Alongside Mike Key's Sedan..

..and next to the 'Moonshine' Marina puckup.

Custom Car featured

A Model 'A' roadster pick-up was next on the agenda. A build up feature in Hot Car magazine starting in December 1980 continued for four months showing Bob's skills. The Chassis was a much modified Ed Wimble production, the engine a 350 Chevy featuring a tunnel ram with carburation by Holley. Modified Jaguar suspension featured front and rear. The front half of the a body was by is Ed Wimble, and the rear fabricated by Bob himself. Paint was once again by Chris Boyle in Rover Caribbean blue.

Model 'A' roadster pick-up

Going abroad to a car show

The 'A' pickup now lives in France, one day hopefully to be returned to the road.

Bob's Model 'B' roadster had various power plants progressing through the years, starting with a 2 litre pinto/auto box assisted by Nitrous. Next came a 2.8 V6/manual, and finally a 327 Chevy with 350 auto box. The rear was the trusted Jag set up.

Model 'B' roadster

While on a rodding holiday in California, Bob picked up his next car, a '37 Ford Sedan. After looking at various rods this was purchased and imported into England. Upon closer inspection at home it was decided all was not as Bob would have liked, so a rebuild took place. An injected 350 was fitted and various chassis mods were undertaken.

1937 Sedan
Here in the States with the American owners.

Injected Chevy

At the Avon Valley Steam Railway station

Bob now had the urge for a '36 Coupe so the Sedan was sold on to be replaced by a full build on a '36 3 window. This was a ground up build using a Chevy LT1 motor with auto box, 9 inch rear, and independent stainless front end. Unusual for over here air con was also fitted. Paint was by Del Whittaker and interior by Neil Tadman.

'36 Coupe

Each year at the NSRA Super nationals a prize draw is held and quite often a rod is the top prize. Lucky winner Bob's next rod was indeed that prize - a 1940 Ford pick-up. Once home and in the garage next to the '36 Coupe a cheap(?) full build up took place. Featuring a 350/350 Chevy combo, independent front end with an 8 inch Ford holding up the rear. Once again full paint by Del Whittaker and interior by Neil Tadman.

1940 Ford pick-up  

Now up to date, here's Bob's latest - a '36 Ford roadster, bought off ebay in the States, shipped back and fully rebuilt by Bob.

'36 Ford roadster



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