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Mid 80's Brean Shows
Here's a set of photos from a friend of Chris Kenny's - Paul Woodland, who used to attend the rod runs in the 90's. Paul believes that most of these were taken at the Brean shows in the mid 80's. Thanks to Paul and Chris for passing them on to us.
Jeff Clement's Ford Model T, at Brean in the mid 80's .. this car is still owned by Jeff.
Nigel James' AMC Javelin again at Brean in the mid 80's. Nigel runs a successful auto shop called Autoworld on Hartcliffe Way.
Louis' purple Pop, which was built by Merv Barnett, and Slimmy's Pop at Brean.
Aidan Kenny's chopped Pop, in Wick Cresent in 1984. It had a 2.5 Daimler V8, and the body shell ended up as his race car.
Louis' purple Pop which was built by Merv Barnett, at Brean - mid 80's.
A few of Zane's chopped Mk1 Cortina, which was the first of the Boot Soop cars, before Zane built his tube framed cars - it had a V6 in it and ran 14 second quarters.
Mike Bull's couped Pop, at Brean in the mid 80's. This car ran a best of 14 sec quarters.
Bob Welstead's '32 Highboy.
Ken Britton's Morris 8 van Bubbles, Ken still owns this car and races, and was part of the Rover Challenge for a number of years.
Garth's heavily modified Vauxhall Victor.
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