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The St Patrick's Shows
Whilst the main Bristol Custom Car show was held at the Exhibition Show, the Renegades held a local annual show at St Patrick's school in Blackswarth Road Redfield. It ran as a joint venture between the Renegades and the school to raise money for their funds.

There were entrants from far afield in those days with a lot more people into rods and customs in the 70s and 80s. We even had a Volvo F89 truck on display one year.. In the photos you will see Mike Taylors then fresh Devon, the same car and still wearing the same paint is now owned by Nervous Nick (NSRA Gasser editor). Tim Pratt who owned 'Hot and Bothered', and Jeff Clements with his iconic T "Lil Henry".

The photos span a few years so some owners had different cars as time progressed. The school is still present, but part of the field has now been built upon.
Hot 'n' bothered here owned by Tim Pratt.
Dr Bob's Pop
Jeff Clement's T, Lil Henry. Still owned by Jeff today.  
Phil's Pop featuring full Perspex roof panel.
Rear view of Phil's Pop - advertising the upcoming Bristol Custom Show.
Midnight Breeze owned by Mike Russell.
Andy House's Minor Coupe.  
Mike Taylor's Gasser Style Devon.
Dave Holt's Devon, later turned into a Coupe.
Neil Grant's chopped Pop.
Charlie's Pop.
Andy Lee's Y Type.
Mad Max's High Riding Vauxhall.
AMC Javelin, owner unknown.
The engine bay of Jeff Clemment's Camaro.
Andy House's Minor Pick-up.
Merv Barnett's Fordson pick-up.
Rich Robert's Pop 'Bristol Flyer'.
Ford Mustang, owner unknown.
Pete Bracegirdle's Plymouth.
Morris 10/ 4 ? owned by Tim Pratt.
Model B pick-up here owned by Gary Baber.
Heavily chopped 105e I believe from Wales.
Garth's heavilly modified Vauxhall FD.
High riding CF of Mad Max along side Volvo F89 of Tony George.
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