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Phil Baines' Lazy Lotus
Many of us older local rodders will know the name Phil Baines, but the younger ones may not. Phil was one of Bristol's first rodders along side Ian Furey-King and Pete Watkins. He built what was the first rodded Pop in Bristol which went under the name of Lazy Lotus.
Just by chance, whilst looking through our free local weekly I saw a story about a local lay-by and in a picture alongside the feature was a man named Phil Baines. Now I thought there can't be many people with that name locally so with the use of the internet I tracked Phil down and found out it was the same person who had built the Pop all those years ago. After a few phone calls I met up with him and he let me have what literature he had of his old car and allowed me to scan it for you to see. He did say he was surprised how well it drove as it was built in his back garden, and that he had never seen a modified pop before.

The Pop was later sold on to a Bristol Renegades member John Buckland who I once did the Birmingham Cruise with in Lazy Lotus (we broke down with a dynamo fault). Then it went through a few more local hands before disappearing from sight.

The last story I heard it was in Yate, but this was never backed up. Phil did have another rod which he acquired whilst dealing in second hand cars, but this was later sold on. It was a nice Hillman, built originally by Mark Tanner, this car also stayed local then disappeared - it was last seen in Brislington.
Above and below, another car owned by Phil - sold on and eventually turning up near Aiden Kenny's house in Brislington.
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