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A few more pics and memories from Phil Thomas
The Hayling Island Carwash
In 1988 or 1989, a car club dressed up as Mobil gas station attendants and washed your car for a laugh. Originally thought to be the The Low Flyers, we've been told that this was in fact the Vultures.
This photo of my coupe and Louie's Willys was taken the same day - just parked up by the fair grounds.
Below, at a show in Keynsham, again about 1989-1990. This was a small show that Louie was involved with, (something to do with Keynsham Lions?), and I think some of the cars came over from South Wales.
A nice quiet stretch of motorway! - here's Merv's roadster around 1987. Me and Melv were in the coupe, with Merv and Derek Hicks in the roadster, on our way to the drag racing at Long Marston (now Shakespeare County Raceway).
Me and John Hall, about 1991, at the Reading University NSRA swap meet.
Below: me and Gary, 1990/91. This was taken outside the Springer pub, when we were asked to do a photo shoot for a rockabilly band album cover (sorry, I can't remember the name of the band). The Springer was for some time the regular meeting place for Bristol hotrodders.
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