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The early Bristol Car Shows
The first Bristol Custom & Street Rod Show, and some early eighties shows

The first Bristol Custom & Street Rod Show

The Bristol Renegades Custom Club was formed in March 1977, and eighteen months later, in August 1978, they held the first Bristol Custom & Street Rod Show.

The show attracted some mainstream sponsors such as Ford, Hot Car Magazine, and Wimpey - who were advertising 2 and 3 bedroom homes starting from 8495! Trade stands included Calbrook Cars, Deals-On-Wheels, Stateside Custom Shop, and the Van Shop.

The Renegades also put together a customised 1957 Beetle which was up for grabs in the show raffle. Although the official show guide publication was lacking in pictures, the text extracts and exhibitor's car profiles below make for some interesting reading. Look out for a few familiar names..

Thanks to Les & Jill Sanderson (Mid-West American Auto Club) for the loan of the original show guide.











Early 1980's Shows

After the success of the first show, more were to come at the Bristol Exhibition Centre. Show guides below are from 1980 and 1981.   Thanks to John Travell of Gloucester for digging out these early guides and supplying the images.

Such was the interest in Rods and Customs in the eighties, that another show was staged in 1983. The 1st Bristol 'Hot Wheels' show was sponsored by Street Rod & Custom Machine Monthly. We're not sure whether this show, held later in the year, was a replacement or a rival for the earlier Bristol shows.

Some surviving photos and show guide images from around these years are below. Let us know if you can fill in any details on the cars or their owners.

  A joining invitation from one of the early show guides.

Gary Palmer's Mk I

Jan 2012: Web site visitor Gary Palmer used to live quite near to Ian Furey-King, the Renegades founder.

Gary contacted us to say:
"Hi, just reading the article on the Renegades car club, I have attached a pic of my old mk1 Escort, which made it in to the first Bristol Custom Show at Canons Marsh. You can still see the show entry number F21 inside the screen, so this must have been taken shortly after."

Thanks for the pic Gary.










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