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Some more of our early cars
Archive photos from the seventies and eighties

Our first picture was taken at Cheltenham in the early 1980's, and features Merv's purple pop, Neil Grant's red pop, Dr Bob's red pop, and behind them, the heavily chopped pop which belonged to Aiden Kenny. This pop ended up as a race car and was eventually written off in a heavy top end crash.

Neil Grant's pop has been chopped but not yet painted. It's sitting outside the house of Ian Furey-King, in our old 'Bristol Renegade' days.

Here's Ian Furey-Kings 'Beer Wagon' C-Cab. He later swapped this rod for a MK1 Zephyr, which he soon put his own stamp on.

Phil Thomas during the build up of his model B coupe - we're not sure of the year though..?

The famous 'Hot and Bothered' Fordson van (left) - at this time owned by Tim Pratt. Alongside is the chopped pop owned by Rod Rich.

Staying with the Pop theme, here's Phil Mitchell's green Pop at the Pop Festival, Long Marston, in 1987.

Note the registration numbers - spookily these two cars had not been together since they rolled out of the Ford dealership in 1954!

That's Neil Grant's first racing Pop in the background.

The next couple of photos were supplied Gary Bennet. Hot and Bothered is pictured in Cornwall, parked outside the Penzance Sailing Club.

Looks like Pinball Wizard, but with a less familiar paint job..


Finally, an old newspaper clipping featuring Dr Bob:

A young Merv Barnett and Derrick Hicks go towing.


Health and safety 1970's Bristol style .. check out the A-frame setup.


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