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Merv Barnett's cars..
Merv's Ford E83W pick-up had an original chassis, with Bedford CF steering turned sideways. The wooden bed, and cab back, were home made.
An MG 1800cc engine and gearbox was fitted, driving a 400E rear axle.
The original front suspension was fitted with Zodiac discs and calipers. White spoke wheels, an extra E83W seat, and brown leathercloth tuck and roll upholstery finished off the little truck.
The Purple Pop on the left had an original boxed chassis, with a narrowed Jaguar live rear axle and Viva front suspension. Cragar SST wheels were fitted, and the car was upholstered in grey vinyl. Engine and gearbox was from a 1600GT Ford.
The photo is from Knebworth in 1985, when the car was owned by Rich Llewellyn.
This roadster featured an original chassis from an Alan Taylor Tractor, fitted with an ASR 'glass body.

Ready to race at Bruntingthorpe.
The roadster had a VCW front axle, with original spindles and radius rods. Front wheels were 12-spoke spindle mounts, with American Racing magnesium 5-spokes on the rear. The car was subsequently rebuilt and repainted in orange.
Powered by a Chevy 283 motor with Tri-power, transmission was handled by a Saginaw 4 speed gearbox.
Interior featured brown tuck and roll upholstery and Stewart Warner gauges. A black mohair top with matching rumble lid cover is here being stowed ready to race at Avon Park.
Merv's '55 Chevy 2-door post. An all original body and chassis, lowered three inches all around, and fitted with Centerline wheels.

Vent windows were removed, and a satin finish on all trim gave the car a clean look.
Motor was a 327ci Chevy, with a Holley 600 carb and Turbo 350 gearbox.
Merv's 1963 Corvette racecar had a roofless lightweight glass body.

The 355 Chevy engine had twin 660 centre-squirters on a tunnel ram manifold. The Muncie M22 rockcrusher gearbox was connected to a Chevy 12 bolt rear axle with Summers Brothers spool.
Straight tube front axle was home-made, and the 'vette had Centerline rear wheels with American Racing 5-spokes up front.

The Corvette when acquired by Merv.
This 1930 Model A sedan was based on a Yorkshire Street Rods chassis and 'glass body.

Front suspension was an 'in the dirt' kit; rear axle was Volvo.
Engine was a Rover V8 with a Borg Warner gearbox with modified column gearchange. Steering gear was from an Austin Cambridge.
Upholstery was Red tuck and roll; wheels were classic steelies with centre caps and beauty rings.
'Awaiting details' on XFB 9T
This '32 Ford five-window coupe has a Rodline body fitted to an original chassis and firewall. Front end has aluminium I-beam suspension. .
A Winters quick-change rear end is fitted and the car rolls on polished 5-spoke American mag with white line crossply tyres.
Engine is a 283 ci Chevy, mated to a Toyota five speed gearbox.

The interior features black and gold flake trim, and early 60’s Stewart Warner gauges.
Here's the car in fully-fendered form at Billing, 2005.  
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