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Our first dose of nostalgia dates from the late 1970's.

Chippenham, Wiltshire, is the venue for this little meet.
The Austin Devon was Mike Taylor's ride - the classic gasser stance ensures it look good even today.
The jacked-up Zephyr belonged to Neil Grant, while the Ford pick-up just visible on the right was owned and built by Merv Barnett.
Andy House brought along his Morris Minor pick-up.
Also in the Chippenham group, but here pictured elsewhere, was Mike Walters high-riding Ford 100E.
Around 1976, here's Neil Grant's primered Pop and Phil Mitchell's black Pop.

Neil's Pop was very nearly finished but was then given a roof chop before it got on to the road.

We had visited Stratford for an early NSRA meeting, where we saw Simon Falmer's Pop - at that time, the first chopped Pop we had seen. Neil decided that his Pop needed a roof chop too.

Phil's Pop was also chopped a little later.
Here Neil Grant's chopped and finished Pop sits alongside Rich Denley's chopped Austin Cambridge at a Cheltenham meeting.
Lazy Lotus was the twin-cam powered Ford Pop built by Phil Baines. It languished in a garage in Bristol until a house-hunting friend of Phil Mitchell's came across it - it was then sold to a Bristol Renegades member.

The car is pictured here in 1976, having an alarm fitted. The car passed through the hands of several owners then disappeared from sight. Last heard of many years ago in Yate, with a V6 fitted, we wonder where it is now?
Visitor Elaine Hayward (nee Williams) dug out the old wedding pic above for us. She says "this was at Lee Phillips’ wedding to Sharon in, I think 1984/85. From left to right: I think this was Slim’s pop, then my car, Rod Rich’s Mk1 Zephyr, Neil ‘Garf’ Genge’s Vauxhall Victor – I don’t recognise the last car in the line-up."
Moving to the track, here's Andy House on the start line at Long Marston drag strip, in his V6-powered Model Y Ford.

Here the Long Marston (now Shakespeare County Raceway) banking is at an early stage of construction..
Knebworth, 1985. Mike Bull's couped Pop, and the Merv Barnett-built purple Pop, here owned by Rich (Louie) Llewellyn.
Derek Hicks' Model B pickup in between Rich Roberts 'Bristol Flyer' Pop and Merv Barnett's Ford pickup.
Part of a lineup at Cwymbran - Rich Roberts' Pop , Howard Thomas' Camaro, and Mike Russel's Mk1 Zephyr, 'Midnight Breeze'.
Andy House's couped Morris Minor at a Bristol show.
Slightly blurred but still worth showing, here we are pictured at Kenilworth in 1986 at the NASC Nationals.
From right to left: Phil Mitchell's green Pop, then the Pop coupe of Mike Bull.
The Prefect belonged to Rich Roberts, and the almost-fenderless Model Y Ford was Derek Hicks'.
Phil Thomas owned the '32 Ford, and the orange Pop was Mike Taylor's.
In those days we were known as Bristol Area Street Rods, a name that survives to this day on the number plates of Mike Taylor's Willys.
Back to round 1980, here's Steve Welch's metallic pink 100E. The car was fitted with a 103E back window.
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