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Haynes Museum Run - August 2010
Meets, Shows and Events
After another successful Haynes run last year I received an e-mail from Haynes asking us to repeat the event with them, giving us an allocated date. It was agreed we would be allocated the main car park in front of the Museum entrance as this sets the day up nicely.

As the day grew nearer I decided to look on the Museum website and see if we were mentioned. The date was showing a motorcycle event that day, but after getting in touch they said yes we were pencilled in for same day as previously arranged.
Apple County boys
With the same two meeting places as in all the previous years we all arrived in Sparkford around 10:30am, and meet up with the Apple County boys. This year we had one trailered car. It was Nick with the V12 T, he had not had time to get it ready for the MOT but wanted to to be included, as Haynes was home to that iconic V12 T owned by Gary Belcher.
Static on track
It seemed that we had lost our parking spot as this is where the motorcycles were emerging from, in fact no one from the museum came out to see us at all. A couple of us went into reception, and after a while the track was opened up for us to park up on, and we thought, use. Wrong .. as soon as our cars were on the move a museum official came over and said due to Health and Safety we had to be static! Still, a few burnouts had already occurred, Nick had blown the radiator on the T, and a few laps had also been made by a few rods.
It seemed that not all was as we expected - so, after looking around the bikes and watching them leave for their trial the general feeling was to all pack up and make our way a couple of miles down the road. Here was the annual Classic Car Show held in the grounds of a vehicle upholsterer.

I think the organizers were not sure what hit them as we all emerged into the field. It cost to enter, but funds were going to a good charitable cause. Here each went their own way until late in the day and it was time to return to our homes.

Our second run of the day
Sunbeam roadster..
Rare Rover coupe.
Mel's classic roadster.
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