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Surf Coast Cruisers Show 2010
Meets, Shows and Events
Friday morning myself and Sue left Bristol, coupe loaded up with clothes - no food or booze as this is easier to purchase upon arrival in Newquay. No need to tow the caravan as I had arranged to borrow my sister's van and even better they were going to deliver it to us on site. The trip down was uneventful except me leaving my petrol cap on the pump whilst listening to a woman on the next pump telling me she had a car like mine for her wedding (mind you she did come running after me cap in hand whilst I made off). After leaving the M4 at Exeter I passed Reg and his camper (with the Dorset on tow behind) on the A30, knowing four couples were making the trip to The Monkey Tree Holiday Camp site for the weekend.
The other couples were Steve Welch and Ryan Welch and partners. Steve was booked in for a weeks stay whilst Ryan was just there for the two days. Upon arrival we booked into the campsite and checked out the rally field which was allocated for the stay. With the choice of no grass or a bit of grass the caravan was set up and we awaited the arrival of the Hymer towing Dorset cavalcade. Reg dropped the Dorset off in the arrivals bay then set the motor home up on the rally field. Next step was to put the prop back on the rod (a long story). This was when things went wrong. Trolley jack under axle casing right up in the air the jack went one way the car the other and the bumper was bent in half! Lucky that no one was under it at the time - anyone you know have a spare Dorset bumper? Still with the car now mobile we both headed off to Morrisons in Newquay to buy the weekends provisions.
Bumper now bent - prop going back on.
Ryan had made it to the site whilst we were away and had dropped his belongings off in the static caravan the family were to be using for the next week. A cruise into Newquay was held at the start of the night followed by drinks in the private bar and a written quiz. Shame the organizers never took our finished paper to mark as they seemed too keen to announce the winners instead.
Ryan and Steve talk to Kev Rooney.  
Cruising to Padstow
A blast from the past now owned by Trev
Nice Triumph Bobber, and newly painted Corvette tucked up for the night.
Saturday was main cruise day this being a drive to Padstow where we parked a fair way out of town followed by everyone doing their own thing until driving back to the campsite. On the way back we passed the Padstow Steam fair this looked a good show and in hindsight we should have gone there instead. Steve had now made it to Cornwall and met up with us to drive back to the camp. The night do was held again in the private bar whilst you could also buy barbequed food to eat but at £4.50 a burger it seemed a bit dear to me. This brings me onto drink prices. I bought four drinks and was charged £14.20 which I questioned, but no I was told the prices were right so I handed over my money. Next time we went up, same drinks new price £9.50?? I was not amused and had a few choice words with the barman, and after talking with the manager a rebate was given. Mind you even the second round was wrong it was not charged enough. Still I told the manager if they put up a price list as they should do, maybe life would be easier.
Those Cornish boys know how to recycle !
Sunday was show day so the cars were all parked up in the field behind the campers and a steady stream of one day show exhibitors came in. As so often happens the weather changed as the rain came down hard along with the wind.
Richard Hartleys steel 32 roadster.
Driving around the campsite this 34 had no cooling system at all.  
70'S style Pop
Cool Chevy
It was nice to meet up with old friends make a few new ones and also bump into fellow Bristolian Phil Spring (Phil lives in Falmouth now). Phil invited us down to see a private museum of Gypsy caravans and fairground vehicles, so that night we made our way to Redruth not knowing what to expect. Well unless you see what was hidden in there you can't explain it to anyone - but I'll just say that it made our weekend

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