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Bristol Pegasus Motor Club Track Day 2010 at Castle Combe
Meets, Shows and Events
Last year Bristol Hotrods were invited to the Bristol Pegasus Motor Club's Tuition and Track Day at Castle Combe. The impromptu lunchtime parade of rods seemed to go down well with the spectators and the track operators, so for 2010 the Pegasus Club had approval from the circuit for another lunchtime "Hot-Rod Parade". This time we were encouraged to bring along even more rods for the day, with the offer of free entrance to the circuit, and a place in the lunch-time Parade around the track.

Despite some very heavy rain in the morning, several Bristol rodders met up at the Griffin before setting off for the circuit. They were joined by a few more cars on the way, while a couple more made their way down the M4 from Swindon. Good to see Swompy join the convoy in his tidy blue Pop.

Ian and Swompy
John Hall's Austin; Ian's, Ian's, and Swompy's Pops.
Unsuspecting rodders line up for track time. They said is was a bit greasy, but nobody expected the total lack of traction..
At 12:30 the rods were led out onto the track behind the safety car. Although the rain had stopped, the track was still covered in a film of water, and even at low speed it was very easy to lose the back end. Within a few laps three cars had left the track in 180 (or more!) spinouts.
Ivor's Austin, now with paint and glass, and a great stance. Ivor could hardly touch the accelerator pedal on the track, it was so easy to break loose.
Going, going, gone!.. Oops! Reg, Neil and Ian all spun off the track coming out of the treacherous Camp Corner. Luckily no armco in the way, and no damage done - but a lot of surprise at how slick the track was after the rain.
Although the weather was poor (and torrential on the way home) the turnout was pretty good - so I hope we'll be invited again next time, and get an even bigger turnout if the weather is with us.

Pics by Ian and Phil, and thanks to Tony Smith of the Bristol Pegasus Motor Club for the track pictures.
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..and you'll find loads more photos in their gallery. For £2.50, a high resolution image (taken on a Nikon digital SLR) can be emailed to you, enabling you to produce any size print, or to have as your desktop wallpaper:
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A couple of the 'offs' were caught on this
YouTube video from the spectator bank
Here's John's
YouTube video from inside the Fordson
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