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2009 Nostalgia Nationals
Meets, Shows and Events
Some of Chris Kenny's pictures from the 2009 Nostalgia Nationals at Shakespeare County Raceway.
The Gale Brothers' '55 Chevy sat in the car park at the drags.
Carl Firth's '34 Coupe, with it's fine finishing detail, it was the car of the show, it ran mid 13 second quarters in the Gasser Circus.
Merv Barnett's Willy's sedan, runs a small block chevy, which helped the car run 13.2's
Beavis's Implala - this heavy stock looking car ran into the 12's, and I have been told more work has been done in preparation for future events.
Lee Couzen's Pop, this everyday runabout had a Superchager on the V6, and it dipped into the 13's.
Nick Barnett's '32 pickup, now with a supercharger on the Daimler V8. New wheels have really changed the car.
Ryan Welch's Chevy van, it runs a small block Chevy, and looks really cool crusing around town.
Mike Taylor's Willys supercharged small block Chevy, helping Mike getting down to 13.3's
Neil & Julie Grant's Chevy Pick Up, This diesel powered truck just completed a 2649 mile round trip through six different European countries.
Steve Welch's Van.' This stock looking van runs a Rover V8, and is a very nice street sleeper.
Carl's '34 again, this car is worth a million pictures, none of them would ever do it justice, you need to see it for yourself!
Bartley's pickup truck, sat on air bags so when parked looks a low as possible.
Craig House's 73 Viva, not a hot rod, but definately a classic, and looking quite cool with the slot mags.
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