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NSRA Hot Rod Drags, September 2009
Meets, Shows and Events
With excellent weather this year's drags looked a good prospect for all who were making the pilgrimage to Shakespeare County Raceway. With only Chris Hartnell and Aiden Kenny competing, and a full turn out of rodders and racers from the Bristol area, this was almost a full house situation making for a good weekend's atmosphere. In fact probably the only time we've been together like this, and hopefully more will take place in the future.
One car making its debut having the MOT done on Thursday and then driven up the M5 on Friday (getting in a couple of 1/4 mile passes the same day) was the Pop of Daniel Grant. A slight mishap of losing reverse and brake loss sidelined the primered car until the drive home though, but I'm sure the car will see lots of street/strip action later on in its life.
Merv's Willys did a few Friday passes as did MT's, but both were rested the rest of the weekend, one with a misfire, the other with a leaking blower gasket. Ivor turned up on the Sunday with the Austin - still without glass, but he still put in three runs with a best time of 14.2 at 98mph, the car went straight as if on rails so now he can finish the bodywork off over the winter knowing the drive train is okay.
Crazy Chris put the canopy on Backdraft just as it had run many moons ago, giving the slingshot the nostalgia feel and as always gave wheel standing runs throughout the weekend. He also took part in Saturday's evening cacklefest, which I missed due to it being held on time - but the fireworks I did catch.
With the clubhouse full, Saturday night I spent in the marquee and I'm glad I did as the group was excellent, with lots of dancing going on. Today was Nick Barnett's 25th birthday allowing him to upgrade his B pick-up from Daimler to Chevy power, and after holing two pistons on Friday, it may be sooner than later. The all steel rod was later trailered back home.

This was Dr Bob's first real run in the air bagged Chevy pick-up, and once there it also decided to stay on the ground. On Sunday it raised itself enough to allow the caravan to be hitched up for a good ride home. Since returning home it has been perfect. It was nice on Sunday to see John Hall make his annual pilgrimage from Chew Valley to Stratford even though he did not put in runs as he usually does.
Also nice on Saturday to see Neil put in a few runs in the blue 32 roadster which he and Carol seem to drive everywhere since they purchased it. All in all a good time was had by all, even with the hitches I have mentioned - let's hope more like this take part in the future.

Finally, here's Ian's YouTube video of the 2009 Hot Rod Drags.
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