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Haynes International Motor Museum, August 2009
Meets, Shows and Events
This years run to the Haynes museum was off to a good start when the weather was on our side. With a varied selection of cars and vans at MacDonald's we were ready to leave just after 9 o'clock. Making our way through Keynsham and on to the three headed man we picked up two more rods, and then proceeded to Ston Easton for the final meeting place.
Now after chin wagging for a short while the convoy consisted of 19 quality hotrods, and when on the move it was a fair sight for all who we passed. The long distance award was for Steve who drove down from Birmingham the night before, staying overnight in Bristol just for the days trip. On the road we were lucky to all keep together - even at one point a car stopping to allowing all of our convoy to turn off of the A37 and into Castle Cary, all still in line .
On arrival at Haynes it was parking as last year, with the Apple County boys opening the gate and letting us in. After a talk with Tim from Haynes, passes were distributed giving us entrance to the exhibits. Also at Haynes were the Corvette owners club armed with a variety of models from various years, the world's smallest legal car and a seriously hammered Hillman Imp looking like a Batmobile.
We were not invited around the test track this year , so as time went on a few people made their way a mile down the road where a classic car show was being held. Still a good day out, with no rain, and possibly the most Bristol cars ever in one convoy!

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