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Classics at The Castle - Sherbourne Castle, 19th July 2009
Meets, Shows and Events
Whilst at the Cricket St Thomas show we were given a flyer for The 'Classics at The Castle' show to be held at Sherbourne Castle on 19th July. The organizer said it would be nice to have some hotrods and if interested he would give us a club stand/area to park in. Now up until the week before the show this flyer was nowhere to be seen and hence forgotten about until I received a text message from Bob Welstead to give him a bell. That night I phoned Bob and he asked me who might be going to Sherbourne that Sunday as himself and Andy house were planning to go. I said I was up for it and I'd see who else would like to come.

That Saturday the weather was awful and more was forecast for the next day. After more phone calls including one to the show organizer we were down to two cars due to make Sundays trip, myself and Rich Roberts. Waking up on Sunday it was still wet and I must admit I thought Rich wouldn't bother to turn up, but at 8 o'clock he was on my doorstep. So both cars made their way down into Somerset then Dorset and guess what? no rain at all.

We arrived about 9:30 as we had been asked, and by a complete fluke, arrived by a side road and drove straight into the castle grounds, missing all the queuing cars. After a talk to one of the organizers we were placed in our own spot by the club stands, with the castle nestling behind us.
    With both cars parked, we then went on tour, and as always camera in hand. I've never seen so many Ferraris in one place, and there was also a row of parked super cars all wearing Guernsey registrations. This show had all sorts of cars from veterans, vintage, pre war, American, bikes, - everything to keep a petrolhead happy.
There was a Mk 9 Jag with full complement of original equipment luggage totally filling the boot space, a Piaggio mini car up for sale in the large auction arena and so much more.

Next year make this one to turn up at - as I guarantee you won't be sorry. With gardens, a castle, a huge lake and tea rooms, even the missus will enjoy it.

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