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Surf Coast Cruisers Holiday Weekend - St Ives
Meets, Shows and Events
Due to the cancellation of the Wessex july show at Poole, a few of us decided to go to St Ives instead. It's been a few years since I've taken the rod to Cornwall but the memories of touring the superb coast, and knowing the organization would be first class, a chalet was booked for two families to share.

As seems the norm now, my 32 and Rich's A were making the trip alone, but we were meeting up with Reg once installed in the camp site. He due to circumstances had to leave the Dorset at home and take his camper van instead.

First cock up, if you arrange to meet someone in Brent Knoll services, don't get on the motorway at Bridgewater as I did - and then find out that Brent Knoll is behind you (sorry Rich).
Forty five minutes he and Mary waited as I sailed on down to Taunton. Still we did eventually meet up and then carried on down through Somerset, Devon and arriving in Cornwall in time for dinner. Here we eat in the grounds of Lanhydrock House just off of the A30 at Bodmin. Next time you are in the area call in, as it's just a stones throw from main road and will take a good few hours to see all of its splendor. We left there, returned to the A30 and within a few minutes whilst in the left hand lane of the dual carriageway a Mitsubishi Shogun goes fleeting past carrying Pinball Wizard on it's trailer. "Quick" I said to Sue "where's the camera - take a pic or no one will believe us". But by the time it was found the Shogun and trailer had gone out of sight!
We arrived at St Ives about 3 o'clock, went to reception and picked up our chalet key then unloaded both cars. There were already a collection of rods and customs around our chalets and as we found out later if we had arrived earlier we could have got the key and gone down to the beach.
With the cars unpacked a quick trip to the campsite was undertaken and we both let the hosts Surf Coast Cruisers know we had arrived. Behind the hosts caravan there in all its splendor was Pinball Wizard so this time camera out pics taken...
Now due to the lack of space in a hotrod it was time to hit the shops and stock up on food and refreshments and the third fuel top up of the day. This completed, back to the site and a tour of the huge campsite, and a walk along the beach was undertaken. Friday night was spent talking to fellow campers in the field and then onto one of the sites two pubs for the evenings entertainment .
Saturday: Up and cars fueled to max, we met on the site to await todays cruise taking in Cornwall's finest countryside. Even though I have done it before driving through St Ives in a hotrod takes some beating on a summers day, and when there is a convoy of cars cameras are flashing all around you.
I don't know if you watched Britain's greatest drives shown on BBC 2 Sundays at 10 o'clock but our next route followed the same path, stopping at a tin mine for a photo session on route.
Each time I do this route it tips down and today was no exception (next time Kev Rooney - have a top for your roadster) but by the time we had reached Lands End it had cleared up.
Straight through the pay barrier our hosts had arranged all in advance which including special parking. We stopped here for lunch then regrouped and made our way once again in convoy through Penzance and onto Marazion where we parked up overlooking St Michaels Mount. The return trip to St Ives was taken at your own leisure with most people drifting off individually.
Saturday night was PASTY NIGHT, again all in the price of your weekends ticket. We did wait a while mind - as Graham likes them at a set temperature - but once he had given the okay we all tucked in. The rain had now started and did it pour down, still as we were trapped in a marquee it made more sociable than had we been stood outside. Later on we all drifted into the pub for that evenings site entertainment. One concern - why did the bars close so soon on a Saturday night - 10.30 last orders...
Sunday: Cars once again fueled up we met on site for today's trip to Truro and a show and shine on the main Piazza. Today we had a cruise sheet set out so that we could see the sites and read their history. It took about forty five minutes to arrive and set up on the town square. We had to be off by 2 o'clock as per arrangement with the town council, perfect planning by our hosts once again.
Here trophies were given out, with Rich picking up best engineering. After the prize giving everyone made their own way back to camp where we once again went on the beach (with coats on mind).
Sunday night was spent in the pub watching the entertainment but tonight the bar called last orders at 10. 10 o'clock ??? For a site as big as this one was I found the opening / closing times rather strange. The next day was home time, so with a quick trip to St Stevens to visit my family, we came back to Bristol.

Our thanks go to The Surf Coast Cruisers and Graham and Lynne for a marvellous weekend, and I don't know how they do it for the money...

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