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Haynes International Motor Museum - August 2008
Meets, Shows and Events
After the glorious weather we had during last years Haynes outing I was hoping this years run would top it. With plenty of advertising on our site, and plenty on the NSRA events page, inquiries had come from Cornwall, London, and Devon - and a good local turn out was expected. What was not expected at this time of year was the constant rain - and with more forecasted it was going to be interesting to see who would turn up.
Two meeting places had been arranged, so I left home at 8.40 am to make my way to MacDonald's, Longwell Green. Going down with us would be our Australian friends Linda and Dennis Campbell, both avid long-time rodders (their '32 can be seen on our visitors page). Dennis had been in touch and wanted to do the trip whilst over here visiting family. A couple of weeks earlier I had taken them both on a day-long garage tour to show them what was being built locally.
It was not raining, but it was not looking good, and it had rained most of the previous night. Waiting in MacDonald's car park were Colin, Jeff, Phil, Claire, Chris, Lin and Dennis. This gave us three model B's, a Fordson, and a twin turbo'd Minor. Then around the corner came Dave in his open topped A roadster. Once Dennis had set his eyes on this car he bagged the passengers seat. Lin got in with me and we headed off for meet number two, this side of Shepton Mallet. Less than five minutes into the journey the clouds opened up, and my thoughts went out for the two roadster occupants.
Just past Keynsham Nigel with his Vauxhall joined our convoy and we kept moving until we reached the second organized stop. John was the lonesome rodder here so the little Fordson joined up and we aimed towards Sparkford. It seemed the forecast had indeed put people off, but Rich from Newquay phoned up and said he would give it half an hour and if the rain kept off he would make the long trip up in his new roadster. He wanted to put some miles on it before the hotrod drags, but had no roof for it yet.
We drove on past the Bath and West show ground, through Castle Cary, arriving at Haynes at about 10.10 am. Looking around I noticed that three cars were missing. After a good ten minute wait, around the corner came Colin and Rich - but no Jeff. Going through Castle Cary the Minor had hit a patch of diesel and had implanted itself on a low wall causing wing and suspension damage. So Jeff was left waiting for a breakdown truck to relay him back to Gloucester.
Already at Haynes were the Apple County boys: Mel, Beavis, Johnathan, Nick and Steve - so we now had an Impala, A sedan, B roadster, 37 Ford and 34 Sportster present as well. As previously arranged, Nick with his '56 Chevy and Barry with his Consul were also waiting for us.
Due to the weather the organizers had expected a poorer turn out, so we were parked in a different spot to the previous year. In fact we were with a display of police cars - which made for some good picture opportunities.
Each exhibitor and all passengers were given free museum passes, but first we had to do a few laps of the museum's circuit for the paying public to see our rides. This we were asked to repeat later on in the day, and of course this resulted in a few burn outs!

With so many exhibits to view inside the building and the supercars on show, this alone makes the trip worth while. Oh, I forgot to mention the drifting cars performing on the circuit most of the day, and for a fee you could be a passenger in one. I think except for Jeff we all had a good time, and thankfully the rain kept off for the remainder of the day.


The original Moon Eyes?
'Chopped' Mini
Plenty of 'auto nostalgia' in addition to the cars..
Lining up before our demonstration laps.
Just added this link to a YouTube video of the Haynes day out, sent in by Phil Thomas.  
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