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Haynes International Motor Museum
'Live Action Day', 5th Aug 2007
Meets, Shows and Events
Bristol Hotrods were invited to the The Haynes International Motor Museum for one of their 'Live Action Days' on the 5th of August 2007.

On top of the chance to look around the Museum, the day included parades of museum cars, karting, drifting displays, power tool drag racing and plenty of other activities.
The Silverline Top Alcohol dragster was also there, so this was a great opportunity to promote hot rodding and drag racing to the wider public.

After meeting up in Bristol on a bright sunny morning, the rods made their way down to Sparkford, near Yeovilton, meeting up with a few more cars en route.
Contingents from the Apple County, Surf Coast Cruisers and Blue Ridge Runners clubs were also present, and the rods and customs were allocated a prime display area directly in front of the Museum entrance.
Part of the Bristol line-up: Spence, Phil, Bob, Ian.
Oily Neil's Pop, and right, the 'Cornish Cream' Pop, up from Cornwall.
Bob Wellstead's '40 Ford pickup in one of its first public appearances. Bob displayed the truck for half the day - then disappeared...
...static shows aren't for everyone, so what do you do for a change? Why, nip home and pick up your other rod. Bob returned a little later with his clean '36 3-window.

Bob loves those 'not-quite black-but-almost' colours.
Somerset or So-Cal?
John and Lorr's Roadster.
John's and Spence's roadsters
Mel's hi-mileage roadster
The presence of Ivor's awesome V8 trike commanded the M/C parking slot.
John and Lesley Cable's super low Fordson came down from Weston. Lesley sold her motorcycle to help take ownership of the car, so now they're putting some miles on it!
Spencer's 'Anniversary of the Deuce' Roadster, Ian's Pop.
Surf Coast Cruisers check out the cars.
Phil's '32 with a new front axle setup, and Paul Stamp's Mercury custom.
Ian Walker's '29 A Sedan
In the Museum   In the middle of a scorching day, the best place to spend some time was in the air-conditioned exhibition halls.

One of the first halls in the Museum is almost overwhelmingly full of red sports cars, and they're not all Ferraris. Silverline promo girl adds a dash of colour..
Somehow a museum didn't seem the right place for a rod, which was looking slightly sorry for itself. It would be nice to see Gary Belcher's V12 'T' back on the road again.
Silverline sponsored power tool drag racing was held throughout the day.

Mains powered modified power hand tools run a 75 foot wooden track, some in around 2.7 seconds.
Powerful but compact, the angle grinder seems to be the power plant of choice. But below, the modified electric plane powered 'Plane Crazy' gets a hole shot on the FWD angle grinder powered machine.
Into the next exhibition hall, where most rodders could be seen appreciating this selection of cars. Not pictured are many more dozens of modern, classic and vintage cars and bikes, race cars, Bugattis, and a good collection of Speedway bikes and memorabilia.
'55 Chevy, and a coffin-nosed Cord.  
Auburn boat-tailed speedster, and a Lincoln-Zephyr
Back outside, the Haynes event organising girl came by to tell us they'd like us to appear with our cars on the demo track a little later. Following the parade of Museum vehicles, we're invited for a few laps around the track in front of the spectators.
Reluctantly pressed into service as official spokesman, Spence is interviewed at the Mini Moke-mounted mobile PA system.

I'm sure there's a caption competition in here somewhere..
Mid afternoon; the rods are called up to take a few laps of the Haynes demo track in front of the large spectator bank. The Haynes girl decides to join in, and hops on the back of Ivor's trike. He tells her she needs to hold on tight, as it accelerates fairly briskly. Needless to say, Ivor spends the next few laps accelerating briskly.
The parade run in front of the crowd was a bit of a novelty for most drivers, but I believe they fully enjoyed it.
The Dave Wilson Racing Silverline Top Alcohol Dragster team was in attendance, with four times FIA Champion driver, Dave 'Grumpy' Wilson. The team made a couple of static fire-ups during the day, and with around 3,000 horsepower on tap, the warm up sessions needed no PA announcement to attract the amazed onlookers.
The demo track consists mostly of corners, but it does have a short length of straight right below the spectator bank.

The unprepped track surface certainly seemed to offer the right conditions for an impressive demonstration burnout!
Events like these certainly attract plenty of petrol heads - but it should be remembered that a lot of the visitors are unaware of the world of hot rods and drag racing. From what I heard on the day, the rods and customs were universally admired and appreciated, and visitors went away impressed by the displays - so this type of exposure can only be good.

In the cafe queue, a teenager near me was asking his Dad what a hot rod was.. poor, underpriveleged youth! I hope that by the end of the day, he had learned, and will remember!
Aug 07
Thanks to Phil Mitchell, Andy House and Darren West of Power Race Graphics for additional photos.
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