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The John Mould Collection Open Evening, 13th July 2007
Meets, Shows and Events
In mid June, Keith Harman circulated an email trying to round up some Rods for a visit to the private collection of Berkshire-based haulage & demolition contractor John Mould.
Andy's '36 parked up alongside the cars of Dan Boone and Dave Sturgess.
Keith Harman's '34
We had heard of the collection from restorer friends, and had read about the annual auctions held on the site, but really did not know what to expect when we set out.. we certainly did not expect to see more 'real deal' Deuces & A's in one place than we had ever seen before - and that was only a small part of the vehicles in the collection. The immaculate '33 roadster, the part restored 'A' roadster that looked ready for the Supernats, the steel Deuce rumble lid leaning against the wall, piles of petrol pump globes & grille shells..
Which way to the Supernats?!
'38 & '35 Fords
'36-ish pickup
Ford Pilot pickup and saloon
The place is a 'must see' - should the opportunity to visit this (very secure) collection ever come up again. Whilst the Fords were the focus of attention for most people on the night, the restored (one of one built!) Standard Vanguard 'Imperia' convertible, the patina'd vehicles awaiting some lovin', and the collection of commercial vehicles could not be ignored.
In storage, awaiting restoration - a '47 Ford Sedan and a Model BB breakdown truck
Perfect patina!
A healthy turnout of Hot Rods added to the evening as did the free refreshments supplied by our host. Russ DeBarr had endured a five hour trip for the evening out, and certainly seemed to be impressed, whilst the more local 'Brack Pack' and 'Vultures' clubs were well represented. Shame on you Bristol crew who wanted to stay home and watch the Beckhams arrive in LA!
Visiting 47/8 Ford
Nice roadster from the Vultures club
Real deal '33
Dave Sturgess' 3-window, and a Vulture's Deuce Custom  
Much-lowered (sectioned?)
Custom Model A
Thanks must go to Keith Harman for the invitation, and the introduction to John Mould. Talking with the very approachable John, it seems that a lot of his cars were found in New Zealand (hence RHD), and a guess at the value of the collection was in the region of £4m. He also has two more almost aircraft hangar-sized sheds of vehicles awaiting restoration. A team of six mechanics work full time to clean, maintain and restore the collection - the queue for job applications starts right behind me!

Andy House
With thanks to Russ DeBarr for additional photos
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