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The Footman James 28th Bristol Classic Car Show, February 2007
Meets, Shows and Events
Friday, 16th of February 2007: After another week of phone calls, meetings and sending out entry tickets, the day had arrived for the Bristol Hotrods contingent to set up their display at the Bath and West show ground at Shepton Mallet.
New BHR banners were produced by Engravatec in Bristol.
Unfortunately, two cars were forced to pull out during the preceding week. Nick Barnett's car was unavailable, as his new wheels were still in transit from the USA. This was a shame as his model B pick-up chassis was on show in the previous year, and it had attracted a lot of interest.
Phil Thomas' '32 3-window had developed a leaky radiator, with no time available to effect a repair.
We decided to call upon one reserve car, and to use the remaining space to erect Dr Bob's gazebo. With more cars and owners in attendance, this would give us a neat communal sitting area.
Our exhibitors continued to arrive throughout the afternoon, as and when their work commitments allowed, up until the show organizers' normal 6 pm cut off time.  
Final preparation..
Jeff Clements and his 'T' were the last to arrive, as his company had put a late work load his way, and he was a little stressed to say the least.

The show doors were due to be opened to the public at 10 am on the Saturday, and as I left the show ground at 8.15 pm, Jeff was still polishing the T - but now he was more relaxed, the cleaning session having mellowed him considerably.

Jeff Clements' L'il Henry T-bucket

The BHR exhibition area

By Saturday the cars were all ready, with barriers in place and chairs positioned in the gazebo, awaiting the arrival of the owners. The rest of the day was spent either talking to old friends or viewing the other cars, and browsing the many trade stands.

Foreground: Neil Harmsworth's '59 Ford Pop,
then Pete Gale's ' 32 Ford Roadster
Neil Harmsworth's '59 Ford Pop, a favourite with the Retro Rides guys
One of my first conversations was with a couple of Victory Wheelers members who were promoting their 30th anniversary show at Romsey. Unfortunately they had forgotten their show flyers, but having visited Hayling and Thorney many times I doubt if that will affect their attendance figures! You can visit the Victory Wheelers web site through our 'Links' page.
Ian Walker's '29 A Sedan and Rod Rich's '39 Ford coupe

Above and right: Ian Walker's '29 A Sedan
We were also visited by Retro Rides, and knowing their publication had a Bath address, we talked about the local scene. I was informed that although the publication had folded, a healthy web site and forum had replaced it. Our meeting resulted in an invitation to their 'Fastfest' show, early in July at Santa Pod, where we could display club cars, and be allocated track time if required.
Dr Bob Jefferies' '32 3-window coupe
Sunday was prize giving day, and as last year we took one major award. Dr Bob Jefferies walked off with best paint in the show, as Lee Pike had done in 2006. I think he was well pleased, as besides the fact that he had painted it himself, it had already been on the road for seven years.    

Paul Stamp's '49 low rider Mercury.

Rod Rich's 39 ford coupe, and Lil'Josh, the rodded Tri-ang pedal car.

John and Lor Gay's '32 Ford roadster
The rest of the show went without a hitch and by 5 pm Sunday we were all away. A phone call later that night from Dr Bob informed me that on the way home Rod Rich had run out of petrol, and Steve Couzens (whose rodded Model Y was exhibited on the side-valve owners stand) had sheared a bolt on his rear suspension, and had to be relayed home.

My thanks to all who took part - I think we did street rodding, and the NSRA, proud.

Phil Mitchell

Pete Moore's Fordson panel van, and Craig House's '52 Ford Anglia
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