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The Summer Nationals

13-14 June 2009
Santa Pod Raceway
  I (Chris Kenny) found myself without a car, after cracking the head at the Main Event. I managed to buy some Ali heads for the 355cin engine, and had the car booked into ZaNNetec Motorsports to have the heads put on. However, we found that the existing cam would not give me much of a performance advantage with the new heads, and I was advised that if I wanted the car to go any faster I would need to replace the cam to match the heads, and as I was only going to race it for one more meeting in 2009, it would be better and more cost effective to do the work while the engine was already out of the car. So we have been concentrating on getting my dad's (Aidan) car back on the track for the European finals.
Here is how the rest of Bristol Teams did at the Summer Nationals.
    Super Gas - Conrad Stanley and the team qualified number 1 with a 9.901 @ 155mph, which gave him a bye in the first round, he beat Jon Morton in the second round, but lost in the semi final against Frank Mason, after the car started to get out of shape (not to go straight) at the 1/8 mile, and Conrad was forced to lift and coast across the finshline with a time of 11.51 sec @ 93mph.
Conrad Stanley  
    Super Street - Saw Neil Grant qualify number 5 with a 10.93 sec run, Bob Number 6 with a 10.96, and John number 7 with a 10.96. John Lost in the first round to Leigh Morris in the Jag, John's 10.94, not quite beating Leigh's near perfect 10.904. Neil and Bob went through their first rounds, with Neil beating Nick Griffin, and Bob beating Mark Watkins. In the semi finals Neil lost to Leigh Morris's Jag with Leigh running a near perfect time again - a 10.909, to Neil's losing and out of shape 11.04. Bob lost to Martyn Sanger, with Bob red lighting his chances away at the startline. Martyn did get his first National points win after beating Leigh Morris's Jag in the final, so well Done Martyn!!
Neil Grant  
Bob Lees    
John Grant  
    Junior Dragster - Anna Stanley qualified her Panther Racing Dragster number 4 with a 0.030 reaction time. In the first round she beat Josh Saunders, in the second round she took out Matthew Seamarks, which gave her a bye in the semi final. In the final Anna faced Joe Kellet, and unfortunately she deep staged (which means the car is further into stage than you would normally see, and is very easy to do by accident, this is shown when the top light goes out on the Christmas tree) which may have just thrown her off a bit and she red lit, giving the win to Joe.
Anna Stanley  
    Wild Bunch - Chris Hartnell in the Backdraft Dragster and Pete 'Ed' Yates in the Ramraider Dragster faced each other in the first round, with Pete wining the Bristol match up with a 9.33 on a 9.33 second Dial in, to Chris's losing 9.05 on a 8.89 second Dial In. Pete had a bye in the semi final to put him in the final against Dave Rowlands - but Dave had problems on the startline and never staged the car, giving Pete the win in Wild Bunch.

Chris Kenny
Chris Hartnell in the pits with his Purple Helmet  
Pete 'Ed' Yates
Chris Hartnell wheelies away from the line  
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