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Springspeed Nationals

Shakespeare County Raceway
  The Springspeed Nationals was one of the best national meetings I have been to at Shaky in a long time, although the recession had kept the number of entries in all classes down, Shakespeare County Raceway stepped up to the task, and really put a good show on, not just for the public the sportsman racers as well.

The track prep, and the organisation of the event was excellent, all of the classes had 6 qualifying sessions, all the classes got to their semi final stages, and although they didn’t finish the meeting (due to the rain in the morning and a bike exploding at 6pm) they did everything in their power to finish the meeting - but it just got too late as they had extended the curfew as far as they could, without putting other Drag Racing events in jeopardy. In case there are people reading this that aren’t familiar with Bracket Drag Racing, to 'break out' means to go quicker than your Index or Dial in, if you do go quicker you lose!!

This is a quick account of how the guy’s and gal’s from Bristol did over the weekend.
  Super Street (10.90 Sec Index) only (I say only 3 out of 8 cars isn’t bad) had the 3 Bristol Doorslammers entries, as Bob Lees had blown the Ford 476 motor to bits at the Easter Thunderball (the motor is currently being rebuilt but with bigger cubic inches). Neil Grant with the Zephyr qualified number 2 with a 10.917 @135 mph, John Grant with the little 100e qualified number 4 with a 10.917 @137mph, and Chris Kenny in the Black Sit Up and Beg Ford Pop Qualified number 6 with a 10.97 @123 mph.

First round saw Chris vs. Neil, and due to Chris’s major driver error, Neil sailed through the first round with a 11.43 @ 96 mph with Chris trying to chase him down with a 10.85 @ 123 mph. John Grant was against Mark Watkins, but unfortunately the ultra consistent 100e decide to cut out at the topend, and Hoch didn’t have any power. Neil went to the semi final round against Mark Watkins where he broke out with a 10.88 @ 121mph, he was on the brakes but just not enough.
    Super Gas (9.90 Sec Index), saw Conrad Stanley with the freshly painted Panther racing Firebird qualify number 5 with a 9.905 @155 mph, Conrad did get closer to the 9.90 second index, unfortunately it was on the wrong side with a 9.899, and Stuart Doingie who was along side Conrad on that run and took the number 1 spot and the Eurodragster perfect et award with a 9.900. Conrad beat Richard Davies in the red Willys in the first round, and faced Steve Dunn in the Toko Toy Camaro, in the Semi’s, but the Team Panther Racing Pontiac went a bit quick, and even though Conrad was on the brakes hard at the top end they broke out with a 9.86 @ 142mph.
    Jamie King was at the track doing his observed runs with his rebuilt 64 Corvette (as he had been out of competition for more than 2 years) and due to some technical issues Jamie didn’t make the first round. The Corvette did attract a lot of attention, and made the Eurodragster’s Saturday pit notes, with its new gold colour paint scheme. Jamie did run a 9.88 at a RWYB two weeks before this event, so should be a contender for later on this year.
    In Junior Dragster (Dial In Class) we had Anna Stanley, who was number one qualifier with a perfect 0.000 reaction time (well done Anna!!). Anna also went the fastest and quickest she had ever been with an 8.01 @ 83 mph (this in the 1/8 of a mile most street cars are not as quick as this!!) Anna made it through to the semi’s, but deep staged and with the darkening skies she was a little quick on the tree and red lit, but in consolation there wasn’t too many of those Championship points lost, as with all the classes the final wasn’t run.
  Wild Bunch (Dial In Class), Chris Hartnell with the Backdraft Slingshot was having the time of his life, on Saturday with four 8 second, wheels up in the air passes, both he and Pete Yates made it through to the semi’s, Chris as did the most of the Bristol Doorslammers (and a lot of other teams) who raced in the left lane after the excellent clear up from the late oil down on Monday night, broke out by the smallest of margins, Chris ran 9.098 @ 136 mph on a 9.15 sec Dial in, Pete did mange to get through with a 9.508 @130 mph.
If there are other racers from Bristol who want to be included within the reports please let me know, and I will try to include them next time.

Chris Kenny
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