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A selection of cars - in no particular order - that currently carry the Bristol Hotrods badge.

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Bristol Hotrods cars

Neil Harmsworth's Ford Pop

'Oily Neil' Harmsworth's 1959 Ford Popular 103e sits on an owner-built chassis equipped with a narrowed Volvo rear axle. The standard Popular roof opening is now filled with a steel insert from a Vauxhall Cavalier.

The Ford 2.3 litre Pinto engine features throttle body fuel injection.
'OilyNeil's' Pop waits in the staging lanes at Shakespeare County Raceway

Ian Walker's 1929 Model 'A' Sedan

Ian's 'A' has an original steel body, fitted with GRP fenders from Westcott.

The repro chassis was fabricated by F H Ellis, and mounts a 350 Chevy engine and gearbox.

Known as the 'Angel', the A Sedan was a Custom Car magazine feature car in June 2006.

Howard Thomas' F100 Pickup

Pictured at Wheels Day 2007, here's Howard's Custom Ford F100 pickup with the Mercedes-style headlight treatment.
Not just for show though.. the F100 is powered by a 454ci big-block Chevrolet motor!  

Lee Couzen's Ford Pop

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