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A selection of cars - in no particular order - that currently carry the Bristol Hotrods badge.

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Bristol Hotrods cars

Nick Barnett's Pickup

Just about everything on this rod was owner-fabricated around the all-steel body on repro chassis rails. The rod has a Superbell dropped front axle, and is powered by a Daimler 2.5 litre Hemi engine, coupled to a Volvo Amazon 4-speed gearbox to a Ford 8 inch rear axle.
March 07: Nick's pickup has had some mods over the winter. The discs on the front have been replaced with 1953 Ford F100 drum brakes. The 15" steel wheels have become 16", the front being shod with Firestone Implement tyres and the rear with Firestone Dirt Trackers. Nick now says the B looks like a real hot rod !  

Mark & Sue Coghlan's '32

Mark & Sue's 1932 Ford Model B has a Rover 4.6 V8 engine with a race cam and Edelbrock heads; back axle is a Jag IRS.

Jeff Clements' T-bucket

Jeff's L'il Henry '23 T has a modified Devon Mouldings body, sitting on a 3x2 box section chassis which was fabricated to dimensions from 'Hot Rod and Custom UK' magazine.

The Patt Cuss drop tube front axle mounts Yamaha front wheels, while Rocket RX mags are fitted to the Jaguar MK10 rear axle. Power is from a Rover V8 with auto box.

The car is fitted with classic gauges, brasswork from California, and much more.

Phil Thomas' '32 3-window


Ian Thomas' Ford Pop

Your webmaster's car..
a 1954 Ford Popular with Rover V8, Offenhauser manifold and Holley 390 carb.

Five speed manual gearbox, Jaguar IRS rear end, and Viva HA front end.
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