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A selection of cars - in no particular order - that currently carry the Bristol Hotrods badge.

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Bristol Hotrods cars

Andy House's 1936 Ford

This all-steel bodied 1936 Ford Coupe runs a .060" overbored Chevy 350 motor with Edelbrock heads.

With a Rodline front end and 8-inch rear axle the car is capable of 13.8 second quarter-mile times.

Here Andy drives away with confidence at the strip.

Phil Mitchell's '32 Ford

[Now with a new owner up Heathrow way]

The 1932 Ford model 'B' coupe sits on a genuine chassis, modified to carry a 4-bar mounted stainless steel drop tube front axle with coilovers. Rear end features a Salisbury axle, again 4-bar mounted.
Modified Rover 3.9 engine has Stage 1 cylinder heads, Kent cam, and Holley carburation to make 220 BHP on the dyno. Transmission is a BW 65 auto box.  

Sean Gay's '46 Chevy Pickup

(Now sold and moved down to the Southampton area)

    Sean's 1/2 ton Chevy pick-up runs the reliable Chevy 350/350 engine and box combo, with a TCI front end fitted with Mustang discs. Rear axle is a Caddy item, all sitting on classic ARE Torq-Thrust wheels.

Dr. Bob Jefferies' '32

A 350 Chevy engine with Turbo 350 box drives the Ford 8 inch rear end, equiped with American 5-spoke wheels.

At the front end, American spindle mount 12-spoke wheels are connected to a Vega steering box.

Paint is blaze yellow with gold pearl.

Dr. Bob Jefferies' '49 Chevy pick-up

Bob's home-built air-bagged and patina'd ride.
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