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A selection of cars - in no particular order - that currently carry the Bristol Hotrods badge.

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Bristol Hotrods cars

Rich Roberts' Model A

A 1929 Ford Model 'A' Coupe in Honda blue.

The Ford 351 Cleveland engine has CVH alloy heads, MSD distributor, and B&M C6 auto transmission.

Craig House's Ford Anglia

This 1952 Ford Anglia is powered by a 2.9 litre Ford V6 engine with a Kent Cam, Police spec heads, and skimmed flywheel.

The Wisbech chassis and front suspension has been heavily modified. Rear axle & suspension is Jaguar XJ6.

Mike Taylor's Willys

An old race car from the sixties, the Willys has a blown 355 small block Chevy with four speed manual transmission. The Ford 9 inch rear axle has been modded by Taylor and Barnett.
The full home built chassis and independent wishbone front suspension was also built by Taylor and Barnett. Originally running genuine Halibrand magnesium wheels, the fronts are now replaced by 10-spoke wheels.

Above and right: March '07, as the front end lowering and new blower installation nears completion.
The car is 'used and abused' - here Mike gets a good launch at Shakespeare County raceway, before the blower installation.  

Colin Bennett's 1952 Fordson

The original chassis on this 1952 Fordson was boxed and strengthened, with the front end notched to fit a VCW beam axle.
Engine is a 400 Chevy, which is stock apart from a RV cam, Edelbrock Performer manifold and Edelbrock carb. Transmission is TH350, driving the much-narrowed Mustang 8 inch rear axle.
The roof of the all-steel shell has been filled, and longer Anglia doors have been fitted. The Dietz headlamps were repositioned in the steel wings, and the rear fenders were hand made. Build and bodywork was originally by Dave Haskell, while Neil Tadman stitched the interior. Wheels are original Halibrands.
  The Fordson was shipped to the U.S. in 1999, where it made the trip across Route 66, before returning to the U.K.

Nigel Hibberd's 1936 Vauxhall Saloon

The Vauxhall is powered by a 283 Chevy engine with Powerglide transmission driving the S-Type Jaguar independent rear end. The front suspension has a drop tube axle fitted with Rover discs and calipers.

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