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Merv Barnett's Willys

July 2008: Booked in for its MOT, Magoo's new build made its first movement. Not happy just to see it run, with only one door and no front metalwork, Merv's new build is off, out the front of his house and straight up the main road!  
Aug 2008: MOT passed, but Merv didn't quite make it to the SuperNats due to overheating problems. He was hoping the two fans would keep the temperature down but now a small rethink is needed.  
In the meantime, race-style signwriting has now been added by Neil Melliard of Prosign.  

Alex Manning's Ford 100e

Alex's Ford 100e has had a substantial amount of bodywork repairs and modifications, and is not too far away from 'rolling chassis' stage.
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