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Pete Moore's Ford Popular 'Ute' (pickup)

These photos, taken early in 2007, show Pete Moore's new Ford Pop Ute.

To give it it's full description, the 'Ute' is an Australian Ford Popular Coupe Utility.

Motive power is a 383ci Chevy V8, rated at 348 BHP, coupled to a Tremec TKO 5-speed gearbox via a Weber HD clutch.
After mounting the body, the rolling chassis was sent to the upholsterers.

The Ute was completed in May 2007, and made its show debut at the NSRA Billing Fun Run.

Nick McGuigan's Morris

Here's a few pictures from Nick McGuigan, buddy of Pete Moore.
    The Morris 1000 van was given a four-inch roof chop. Nick then fitted very early lowlight front end panels, and grafted on a split screen cab.
In progress: with the cab roof off, the rear is supported and marked ready for chopping.
Cab chopped, just the doors to do.. ..rear side panels show reshaping required.
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