The First Four Bet

The First Four bet is a bet that allows you to win money when you get a boxed or standout first four. You can also make a trifecta bet and a forecast bet.

Multiple first four bets

Multiple first four bets allow punters to select runners to finish in a variety of places. The multiple first four can be as simple as selecting just two or three runners to go home first or as complex as selecting several runners to go home third or fourth.

A straight First Four is the most obvious of all the first four bets. It’s also the most difficult. If you’re lucky enough to secure a top rate first four, you might end up with a hefty payday. However, the true test of a great First Four bet is how often the payout actually lands in your lap.

One of the more common ways to score a massive payout on your bet is to place a First Four with a regular $100,000 dividend. This isn’t a small amount, and requires a substantial stake. But, if you are smart, you can still reap the benefits of the largesse.

While the First Four is the bet of choice among punters, there are many other wagers to choose from. These include the Box First Four, Standout First Four, Flexi First Four and others.

Boxed and standout first fours

If you’re interested in wagering on a race, there are many options available. The most popular choices include standout and boxed first fours. Boxed First Four allows you to pick a few horses and see if any of them can make the top four. Standout First Four on the other hand requires you to pick two or more runners to finish in the top four.

Boxed First Fours cost a hefty sum. A standard $1 unit will get you a payout of around $360, while a $10 flexi bet offers you back 8% of the final dividend. However, it is important to note that the payout will vary depending on your selection.

The cheapest and simplest option is the straight First Four. The more selections you make the higher the cost per wager. You will also be subject to the whims of the TAB and their commission.

If you’re going for a big money win, you should seriously consider a standout first four. While it may be a bit more expensive, it will certainly help boost your winning odds.

Trifecta bets

A Trifecta bet is a wager that pays out if you pick the first three runners in order. The payout can vary depending on the amount of money you bet and the order in which the horses finish. First Fours are similar, but there is one extra horse.

This is a special bet, as the horse you select can also be a standout. If you pick a hot favorite to win, you have a chance of getting a decent collection. However, this type of bet is the hardest to win. It is possible to have two or more horses in the first four, but the odds are lower.

The minimum bet on a Trifecta is $1. For percentage betting, the minimum is 5%. When you bet on a Trifecta with scratched picks, you will be refunded when the results of the race are known.

Some bookmakers offer exotic options such as a “Dime Superfecta” or “Box Superfecta” and “Exacta Box.” These bets require you to choose a certain number of runners to finish in different positions.

Forecast bets

A forecast bet is a bet that predicts the finishing order of the horses in a race. It can be placed on any set of horses, in any sport. The bet is usually available from bookmakers.

There are two types of forecast bet: straight and combination. A straight bet requires that the first and second runners finish in the proper order. To place a straight bet, you must have a stake of at least PS2 in UK racing courses.

A combination bet, on the other hand, allows you to make up six different combinations. For a bet of PS10, you can place a combination of three horses. In addition, you can also place a bet of PS20 on a bet that has four selections.

Another type of bet is called a tricast bet. This bet is very popular in Great Britain, where it is mostly offered on greyhound racing. You can also place tricasts on other sports. Generally, a tricast will pay out better than a forecast.

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