The Havaianas Flip Flop is a revolutionary shoe that offers a versatile footwear option for women, including the newly transformed “high-top” style. Women who prefer the stability of sandals and the casual comfort of sneakers now have another option: flip-flops. These flexible, inexpensive sandals offer comfort, support and style in a new low-profile design. As the new “high top” trend rises in popularity, so do these comfortable shoes.

Havaianas Flip Flops – All You Need To Know About These Shoes

The Havaianas Flip Flop was engineered for a narrow foot shape with less width on the sole, especially at the toe of the shoe, which makes it more appropriate for social classes. Thin straps lend a smoother, sleeker appearance to the shoe and keep feet well protected. These styles are particularly well suited for teenagers and children with still developing foot shapes, as these styles are designed for specific foot shapes with softer, cushioned soles. For younger children, these sandals are a fun way to help develop balance, agility and coordination. They are easy on the eyes when children are dancing, too, because the soft, plastic sole provides excellent protection for the toes and heels.

Many of today’s most popular celebrities wear, havaianas flip flops, including Pamela Anderson, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Leighton Meester, Jennifer Lopez and more. These beautiful, affordable sandals are perfect for any occasion and provide an unparalleled amount of comfort and style. They are available in many colors and styles and can be purchased online at many retail outlets, as well as through mail order catalogs and websites. While these gorgeous shoes may be seen in some high-end department stores, they are usually quite affordable, making them available to virtually everyone. Women’s and men’s models are offered in the colors green, pink, yellow, red and black, and in sizes from small to extra large.

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