Tantra School is an uncommon religious college dedicated to the true, pure, authentic tantric teachings. For thousands of years, people have been drawn to the mystical powers of Tantra Yoga and the wisdom found within its many forms. The modern world has only recently begun to catch up with this ancient art and science of love and life. The modern man suffers from a lack of knowledge about Tantra and the secrets that it holds. People everywhere are now more interested in learning new ways to please their partners and pleasing themselves than in learning about ancient rituals and philosophies. More info – embodiedawakeningacademy.com

The Three Schools of Tantra Yoga

Tantra school aims to remedy this crisis. It conducts regular classes where an understanding of the underlying principles of Tantra Yoga is learned by students as well as the practical application of those theories. The core concepts of Tantra can be understood and applied using the modern tools of meditation and relaxation techniques. To those who want to delve further into the mysteries of this ancient art, there is a library containing hundreds of books and articles on tantra practices and rituals.

Each of the three schools of tantra holds a unique interpretation of the instructions for practicing Tantra Yoga. Tantra yoga is not a simple physical exercise, but involves deep, philosophical understanding of the nature of life and reality. While the three schools share many of the same precepts, they differ in their emphasis and application. Tantra school prides itself in teaching the true meaning of Tantra Yoga while preserving the integrity of the ancient secrets kept by the masters.

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