North Port Water Slide Rentals

When it comes to water slides, North Port Water Park is one of the best and most reputable in Florida. Located on US 95E through Port Charlotte, the water park has a very long history as an amusement park. In fact, its first opening was in 1933 and has been constantly improving ever since. Whether you enjoy the slides or not, rentals offer a great way to explore the park. Also available are lessons that can be given to kids of all ages. The best thing about these rentals is that they allow families with small children the opportunity to get a taste of the fun offered at the main park while allowing them to enjoy the slides in their own time and at their own pace.

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While at the water park, kids should wear sunscreen whenever they venture off of the boardwalk into the ocean or water because life guards are right there watching for slippery moments. However, if a child should get into the water without protection, lifeguards can rescue them but you must leave them alone until they can get help. Lifeguards also often direct people off of the beach where slides are located so that they do not get hit by a kid who might be trying to get to the slides once they come up onto the beach. If you want to avoid this particular accident, be sure to tell lifeguards that you are there and that you would like to use the water slide.

Rentals also offer kids discounts on rides during the summer months and on Halloween. For those that like trick or treating in the night time, the North Port Water Slide is open to everyone even on holidays and special occasions. The slides change frequently so that kids can keep up with the changing technology. The water slide is also open late at night for families that just want to go out for a nighttime swim.

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