The benefits of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are mainly found in what they will cover that Original Medicare can’t. In particular, the MA plans (MA as it is known in Tennessee) can contain extended healthcare benefits including prescription drugs, vision, hearing, medical, dental, fitness, and many more. The extended benefits can be useful for both the elderly and the active individuals. This is why the vast majority of people who are covered by Original Medicare in the U.S. have chosen to also have this kind of supplemental insurance. However, if you are covered by an employer sponsored health plan or an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) then you may not be eligible for the extended benefits provided under the MA plan.

Important Information For Registered Nurses

There are basically three kinds of Tn Medicare advantage plans, MDP, MIP, and POS. A patient can select any plan from these three kinds as long as it does not conflict with the coverage provided by their original Medicare coverage. However, when a person chooses an MDP or an MIP they must pay a premium that is at least the same premium as being paid for their original coverage. Any kind of supplemental insurance coverage that requires a premium to be paid first must come from one of these plans before the policy can proceed.

Certain specific conditions, like being age 65 or over, or a single family with an income that is less than certain standards are not eligible for the MIP plans. When these guidelines are met, they can apply for a supplemental insurance policy that enables them to be able to participate in some of the extended services available through their selected network providers. These additional services are not always provided by traditional private plans. When a Medicare recipient does not qualify for the standard plans, they can enroll in a medigap policy that allows them to get Medicare benefits.

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